Dc comics Lucifer to have a 5th season

The widely popular show that is now on Netflix is going to have it’s 5th and final season. What do people think about this.

Seth Tomlinson (11) said “Never seen it”

Evans Deaver (10) said “Well I haven’t watched it but it seems interesting”

Keith Halsell (10) said “My sister talks to me about it and it seems pretty cool”

DC comics has a possibility of shutting down!!!

According to sources if DC comics’s next event don’t go well they might shut it down. This news is harmful to those who grew up with characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. How do other people feel about this,

Alana Miller (10) said “I’d be upset”

Brianna Ochsenfele (10) said “Feel kinda bad about it”

Sameer Khan (10) “It would be a waste of potential”

Blade rumored to be coming to the MCU

Blade in marvel comics is a half human, half vampire who slays vampires. He is known for his film trilogy during the 90s. What do other people think of Blade coming to the MCU.

Joe-Angel Mocius (11) said “I think it’d be pretty interesting”

Alana Miller (10) said “It would take an interesting turn”

Brianna Ochsenfele (10) said “He wouldn’t really fit in but I guess they could make it work”

With the end of the show that started the Arrowverse, Arrow ending many TV shows are in line to fill its void. One of them is a Superman and Lois Lane show. It will have them raise a family while Superman keeps saving the world. What do other people think of this.

Zackery Payne (12) said “I’m indifferent to it”

Eli Clark (10) said “I don’t pay attention to it”

Lake Owen (10) said “I don’t care”

Marvel studios making Marvel TV studios

Last year Marvel Studios was ending their shows that had anything to do with the MCU, now people are saying that they are making a branching studio to do the TV aspect like Disney+ and the silver screen. Here’s what some people think.

Allana MIller (10) said “I don’t mind”

Brianna Ochsenfeld (10) said “I think it probably be a good idea”

Jacob Cory (10) said “cool”

Superhero films 2020

Some of the new superhero films this year are Black Widow, Morbius. New Mutants, Eternals, Birds of Prey, and Wonder Woman ’84. Here is what some  people are looking for.

Alana Miller (10) said “Birds of Prey, I watched the cartoon”.

Brandy Hagler said “Birds of Prey, I’m excited to see Harley Quinn”.

Mr. Ford said “Birds of Prey, I don’t know I guess it’d be intense and action pack”.

Black Widow to be the next Marvel film

With the release the trailer for the Black Widow film it has been show to showcase other characters like Red Guardian, other unconfirmed character names, and the film’s villain Task Master, who can mimic any fighting style. after her fate in Avengers: Endgame people might have been shocked to see that she will be having her own film. And its about time since the character has been in the MCU since the release of Iron Man 2 in 2011. What do other people think.

Shriya Nagulavancha (12) said “Yea”

Taryn Harding (12) said “I’m excited for it”

Hayden Partain (12) said “I’ve been waiting on it and can’t wait to see it”

Netflix December 2019

It is the last month of the year. Which means Netflix will be giving out a lot of Christmas films. And what ever they have left to release. here is what some people are looking forward to.

Anyssa Smith (11) said “Outlanders season 3 sounds interesting”

Madison Folds (12) said “3 days of Christmas, because it has to do with Christmas and it’s cute”

Jeremiah Bynum (10) said “3 days of Christmas, it’s Christmas”